Jatiluwih – really special

DSCN1501Jatiluwih Rice Terraces


If you love a drive through the countryside, & seeing the sights of local Balinese life, then I highly recommend this really special area known as Jatiluwih (jati- louis).


Actually, according to an article I was reading this World Heritage area’s name actually means something like: really – jati, special – luwih & I agree.


For a very small donation you can take a gentle wander in through the terraces, enjoy the scarecrows dressed up in ceremonial outfits & try to take in the fabulous view.


The next bit will require a small level of fitness as you climb up the steep hill to the viewing platform & local produce stall. There are a couple of cafes & bathrooms if needed.


I could easily visit this area just for the rice paddies but perhaps it’s best to be a part of a wider day trip including Candi Kuning markets & Ulun Danu Beraton – the Temple on the Lake.


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