Day 9 – Jatiluwih rice paddy terrace dreaming


Day 9 – Canggu to Ubud. Part 1
Alarms & Bali don’t agree with me! It’s weird, I always wake up very early, especially when in Bali but I’ve been staying up later this trip so like to sleep in a little but not today!

6am I’m up & dressed. We all meet at 7am to walk around to Jalan batu bolong to grab some fresh pastries & awesome coffee from monsieur spoon. It’s much bigger than the one in Seminyak & has a lovely ac shop inside & large garden outside. We grab some pain au chocolat & probably the best coffee of the trip before walking back to wait for Alex, our driver.


We all pile into the van & are whisked off into the day to get to our first destination: jatiluwih rice paddies. I just adore the drive through Bali, out in the countryside, going through small towns, seeing the buildings & animals & people doing their daily rituals. We were not disappointed. On so many occasions I wanted to say ‘please stop, I want to wander down there’ but knew we had one hell of a day so figured there would be a next time (there always is isn’t there!?!).


We stop just before the main part & take some photos. We have been in the car for about 90 mins so we all stretch our legs. It’s so green & so beautiful, just breath taking. Back in the van we go & drive around to a toll way where a small payment is made which goes to help keep the area going. On we drive where we see some amazing scenery!


Seriously it’s like I’ve never seen before. So green, so beautifully planted, I’m in heaven. Alex says ok, you hike from here, I’ll meet you over there’ and points across the way. Yippee the girls say (not!) & we wander along the path. It’s stunning. We marvel at the cool scarecrows & the girls squeal at the mention of snakes. There are a few other groups there but pretty much we have it to ourselves.


I take about 100 photos & feast my eyes on the emerald terraces. It’s so pretty & so perfect & so Balinese with its brilliant points of interest like a cute sign or a well placed scarecrow. I want to stay a long while.


The walk takes us about 30 mins and is very easy until the end where there are about 70 steps back up to the other viewing area where we meet Alex.


We take a few group photos & catch our breath. There is a market stall & rather animated market lady trying to sell her produce. I take a few photos as others buy her mangosteens. Rightio, back in the car for the next stop… The Strawberry Farm.


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