Bali travels with your keen Tween – fact or fiction?

I had a little fun writing this! Thought a few of you might be able to relate 🙂


Oh man, why does she have that look on her face? What have I done now? Was I flirting again? No, that’s not it… oh I called her by her nickname Clops in public : (

As my little girl quickly becomes my big tween, here are the tips I am trialing to make our trips as emotionally stable as possible. If you’ve got anything to add I’d very much appreciate your words of wisdom as this tween time is a battle field! (Terrible twos have nothing on terrible tweens)

The things I have learnt about happy travels with my tween.


The pool is more important than the food, but only just. Lots of swimming is key. And she must know when these swims will happen and for how long. A countdown is key to keeping things happy. Wearing swimmers under her street clothes helps satisfy that future swimming is imminent.


The food: let her eat chips! Seriously I’m not going to argue with her on this, if she only wants chips then chips she will have. We can fight about vegetables during our less precious, non Bali time. Another pink lemonade? Why not!

Make exploring fun! Hire a golf buggy or do a bike ride. I’ve made the poor kid walk half way around Bali on our trips already so now it’s time I think outside the square. The most fun we have had is when we hired the golf buggy & cruised all over Nusa Lembongan. I could stop whenever & she could stay seated, rolling her eyes at me in comfort. It was great for both of us. Next trip we’ll ride push bikes – should be a fun argument getting her to wear a helmet without messing up her ponytail!


Disguise shopping in Canggu with a trip to Splash – she’s a tween not a teen so shopping isn’t high on her agenda just yet but it won’t be long. So until then pepper the shopping with fun activities such as a morning at Splash waterpark or some trampoline action at Bounce in Canggu. You earn extra embarrassment points if Mum enjoys herself!


Girls spa crawls – this one has always been popular with my girl so it’s not a new idea but it’s one that she can help plan. While she’s still not old enough for a body massage she loves getting her nails painted & usually the spas are very happy to have us in a couples room so I can get a massage while she is being pampered but together so I’m not worried about her.


Beach clubs are lots of fun – so much fun mixing alcohol & parenting a tween… fun or should I say essential? Hubby & I can chill in the cabana while miss tween splashes nearby – I’ve moved away from helicopter parenting to mojito sipping – one bum cheek on lounge, the other a ready at the slightest sign of drowning. (A lot of poetic licence is being used here – I still take my helicopter parenting 100% seriously & hardly ever spill my mojito when I jump up to overreact to her sudden lack of splashing, it’s a skill).

Learn some Bahasa together & enjoy practising – nothing delights a tween more than watching her mother embarrass herself so completely. The eye rolls & lol moments she has when I’m trying to remember & pronounce my Bahasa correctly is utter joy for my girl. Haha, clops… the joke is on you because I love making you laugh even if it’s at my expense.


Do a cooking class together – or not – I try to have her help me cook at home but she’s not keen. I’ve discussed doing a traditional dress & dance workshop in Bali but she doesn’t like that idea either. Maybe we could do a canang Sari class next trip? Any suggestions?


Girls trips! Mummy & daughter or go with another mummy & daughter for the company! We’ve done a couple of girls only trips where we leave Daddy at home with the dogs but our most recent & most successful girls trip was having another mummy/daughter duo with is. Nothing better than having the company of your peers. Thanks so much for your shared love of Bali & friendship Mumma J and Miss A.

And that’s it from me. How did you survive Bali with a tween? I’d love to hear your stories & suggestions. Suksma


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