Day six – solo wanders

Day six – solo wanders


A very pretty sunrise today – I went out solo & watched the local kids have a splash near the shore line.

DSCN4860 (2)

It was a bike ride today only my bike’s chain isn’t working as it should. I’m offered to swap with one of the others girls but to be honest riding along that main road scares me so I say no worries, you guys go & have fun. They are due back at 10am anyway.


I go have a massage – I love a daily treatment of some kind but haven’t had many this trip so cease the opportunity.


10am comes & goes so I go in for a solo snorkel. The sea is flat as a pancake & I just float on the surface & don’t drift at all. It’s sunny so extra clear.


I find Nemo! Then chat to a couple from Adelaide I meet on the beach waiting for the others to return, they are much later than I thought & I am starting to get worried.


They are supposed to be releasing a turtle this morning so I take a wander through the place & check out the cute babies. There’s a huge turtle there too – scares the you know what out of me as I wasn’t expecting it!


Back at the hotel to see if they are back & hanging by the pool, I check my messages & have received one saying they have been held up & will be another hour so I grab a snack & then take a wander around east Pemuteran.


I walk back via the beach & notice some local ladies frying something pink – apa ini? (what this?) I ask. Matahari they say & show me how they do it – dip the mould in the batter then put in a wok full of coconut oil. I’m handed one to try – yum! I ask to buy 4 & give them a generous note & try to explain it’s for them to share before saying suksma & heading back for a swim & another snack.


When the others get back I’m sure they will just want to have lunch, rest & swim so I book myself in for another massage next door at the Amertha Bali Villas & chill out until my time. From memory the others get back just as I’m due for my massage so I head off & enjoy another wonderful 30 min head, neck & shoulder treatment before grabbing a beer & sitting beach side watching the world go by.


When I return there is a gorgeous offering basket waiting on my porch for me – 50K & worth every rupiah – thanks girls.


Dinner tonight is at the Tirta Sari restaurant & it’s delicious. Final full day done. zzz


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