Day three – beach snorkeling!

Day three – beach snorkeling!


Today I get to snorkel! This is one of the things I have been most looking forward to this trip. It’s beach snorkeling & a very special area too as it’s a world first bio-reef restoration area. The water is clear even on overcast days & the fish life is fascinating.


Many manmade structures have been sunk & have a low voltage electrical current running through them which encourages natural coral growths & fish life to return. Please read more here:

We drifted around checking it all out & enjoying the water – it’s so salty there.

Hungry & tried we head out to lunch & find this gorgeous local warung called Warung Prapat Sari. I had the most delicious kare ayam (chicken curry). I loved every mouthful.


Then we take a wonder home along the pantai.


This afternoon is a bike ride so we ride east along the main road until we get to Pemuteran city limits which is heralded by a beautiful stone entrance so of course we have to take a few photos then on we peddle toward the local pura.


Hungry again & a little thirsty we head back to have an early dinner at another great local warung called Warung Ganesh. Those Bintangs tasted mighty fine after the road let me tell you! I walk my bike home J


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