Day Two – Back in my Bali

Day Two – Back in my Bali


Up early so we can get to the beach for an amazing sunrise! A gentle wander up & down taking in the quiet moments before the busy takes over Bali.


Back to the hotel for breakfast which was delicious & huge – fresh fruit that tasted like sunshine, mixed juice, perfectly scrabbled eggs so yellow with goodness & that soupy Bali kopi I love so much.


I’m desperate to get out into Bali so leave the others in the pool to practice their snorkelling techniques & go off for a wander to explore the local jalans. It’s really lovely, wonderfully rustic & makes me so happy to be back, sun on my back, smile on my dial. I find Bali Artisan Salt to grab 4 little packets of black & white salt pyramids – one for each of us on the trip.


I grab a massage & finally feel like I’m back in my Bali groove. Returning to the hotel & the other girls are all in the pool so I grab some Lumpia for lunch & hear all about their morning of impromptu snorkelling – I missed out this time but was very happy for my walk & massage.


This afternoon is the Melasti ceremony on the beach so we make our way west & watch as the people all walk in – they are happy & joyous & this brings such delight to me, I even shed a tear as I watch. We sit in a small group of bule (foreigners) to the back & side & just try to take it all in. It’s really relaxed yet formal which is the Balinese to a tee when you think about it – sing ken ken.


(As an older sister I completely understand the look on the older girls face in reaction to the little girl splashing her! I love it).


I love seeing the little kids in their ceremonial dress playing & being cute. Lucky me, there’s three littlies right near me so I enjoy watching them & later try to chat to the older girl but she is shy & my accent thick.


We’ve been there for a while now then the heavens open so we all move to the cover of a nearby tree & chat with other bule. It’s easy to get carried away & talk a lot but thankfully one of the more focused bule politely remind us of why we are here so we quiet down & enjoy the ceremony again.


It’s a very special time to be in Bali ❤

5 thoughts on “Day Two – Back in my Bali

  1. Great to see you are back in Bali. Especially interested to see your reports on Munduk and Pemuteran, as we have booked in go to Bali in July. Staying in Tulamben, Pemuteran (haven’t been there before) and then down to possibly Sanur (haven’t decided yet). Thanks again for your blogs.


    • Hi Gayle, Tulamben looks amazing! You must be going to dive or snorkel lots (lucky you!). Enjoy Pemuteran, it’s really lovely. Sanur is a great spot to end your trip, very relaxed but set up well for a good holiday with lots of choices for accommodation & food. Enjoy the planning!


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