I dream of Bali… Balian Beach

2016-12-31-4I dream of Bali… Balian Beach

This rustic, nyuh groved, black sand twinkling beached, coastal village draws many a surfer to its shores. But it’s not just the waves that travellers come to explore – it’s the chilled vibe, the killer sunsets & those beach warungs that draw people up from the south. I’d love to explore Balian Beach & her surrounds. Have you been?

Located on the West coast of Bali, north of Canggu Balian Beach offers a glimpse of old world Bali but with some great accommodation options & warungs. Its pounding surf offers better lefts than rights & doesn’t seem to get too crowded… yet! But fear not if you aren’t a surfer as there’s lots of relaxing to be done from the gorgeous beach. Is Balian Beach on your wish list?

This amazing photo is courtesy of @arestlessdream on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/arestlessdream/

I dream of Bali… My personal Bucket List of the Bali gems I’ve always wanted to explore but haven’t as yet & hope to include in my upcoming trips. Many thanks to the generous & talented contributors to this series. I hope you enjoy!

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