I dream of Bali… Diving in Tulamben


I dream of Bali… Diving in Tulamben


I have had the pleasure of snorkeling in a few spots in Bali but I’ve never actually dived! The very thought of being able to move around freely whilst underwater, checking things out sounds like the ultimate way to explore Bali, underwater. Have you been diving in Bali? Is Tulamben really as amazing as everyone says?

This amazing photo is courtesy of @tcmehmeterhan https://www.instagram.com/tcmehmeterhan/

Tulamben is located on the north east coast of Bali, the next area above Amed. The sheer abundance & diversity of the sea creatures you can see while diving spots such as The Coral Garden & The Liberty Wreck makes this area a very special spot. So, I can imagine it is a total diver’s paradise but it’s also a vastly beautiful spot to explore the surrounding area & experience a charming & relaxed way of life.

I dream of Bali… My personal Bucket List of the Bali gems I’ve always wanted to explore but haven’t as yet & hope to include in my upcoming trips. Many thanks to the generous & talented contributors to this series. I hope you enjoy!

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