I dream of Bali… Nusa Penida


I dream of Bali… Nusa Penida

I want to be that girl! Definition of paradise? Nusa Penida. Wow, what an indah island this is. Rustic & wildly beautiful this island is one I need to work into my itinerary stat! But how do you get to Nusa Penida? Via Lembongan I expect.

There are three gorgeous, tropical islands just off the coast of Bali called Nusa Lemobogan, Nusa Ceningan & Nusa Penida & just like the order I have typed them in, this is the order they go in untouched, remote beauty, quiet roads, rustic villages & views to die for!

This amazing photo is courtesy of @madam_cassiopeia on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/madam_cassiopeia/

I dream of Bali… My personal Bucket List of the Bali gems I’ve always wanted to explore but haven’t as yet & hope to include in my upcoming trips. Many thanks to the generous & talented contributors to this series. I hope you enjoy!


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