My 4 days in Ubud, solo – Day 4 (part 2) – Elephant caves & waterfalls


I walk up to reception to see such a beautiful face! It’s Alex, my driver & my friend. We greet each other & I feel so happy to be in his company. We bid farewell to my hotel & head off on the short drive to Goa Gojah – the Elephant Caves.

I ask Alex to come with me & talk me through it. He explains the history & the reason behind it which is so very interesting, and yet I can’t remember it now! We wander into the cave & it’s so hot inside but very intriguing.

We take a walk around looking at this part & that, chatting the whole way. Alex has excellent English so I take full advantage & chat up a storm – jeeze, anyone would think I hadn’t had anyone to talk to for 4 days!


The grounds are very pretty & I find the huge & ancient stone carvings that have fallen & broken to be absolutely amazing.


Next up we take a quick trip to Yeh Pulu for a looksee. Alex hadn’t been here before & of course I hadn’t either. We pay my fee & am handed a sarong (Alex doesn’t need one).


It was so pretty & we were the only ones there.


We both enjoyed walking along & seeing what was there. I loved it as it was like I was there with a mate, just wandering around chatting. We jumped the back fence & looked at the river (creek) & a banana plantation.


We talked about life in Bali & the differences & similarities between Bali & Australia. It was so good to have an authentic conversation about this topic with someone I know & like & will see again – as opposed to perhaps just a random driver.

Next up is Tegenungan Waterfall. We park & walk through the bustling market place toward the first viewing platform. WOW! It’s really impressive, and loud!


We walk, talking the whole time, down to the foot of the waterfall. There are quite a few people in the water, walking around & even climbing up it. The force of the waterfall spreads spray everywhere & it’s so refreshing. The whole area looks clean to me, no obvious garbage, maybe a little bit of rubbish dropped here & there but nothing shocking.


Next we walk over to the natural spring pool… I wasn’t expecting one there & didn’t think about going into it until Alex suggested to go in & wash my face. So I did. I carefully stepped down & into the knee high pool of super doper, amazingly cool & fresh water. I grabbed some water in my hands & splashed it over my face. It was BEAUTIFUL. I did this a few times, loving every splash as much as the last. I could have stayed there for ages, it was such a special & unexpected thing for me to be able to do. The water is pure & so refreshing. Possibly my favourite thing of the trip. (Please note: females should respect local rules & not go into this spring if menstruating).


Next we walk back up the stairs. I nearly have a heart attack & have to stop a couple of times along with everyone else!


Next up we take a drive through some beautiful villages. I love seeing the markets on the side of the road. Alex takes me to Pura Puseh Desa Adat Batuan.


We park & go to where the sarongs are given out. Still chatting the whole time. It’s so crowded with a tour group we look at each other and say, let’s skip this. Alex said they sound like ducks. I said they sound like bebek J we laugh. (I think bebek must mean cooked duck – like beef versus cow – I think I accidentally said something funny!)


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