My 4 days in Ubud, solo – Day 4 (part 1) – wanders along jl Subak Sok Wayah


My 4 days in Ubud, solo – Day 4 (part 1) – wanders along jl Subak Sok Wayah

Actually this trip is only the 3rd time I’ve stayed in Ubud. We first stayed as a family a few years ago & for whatever reason we weren’t really grabbed by it… sounds stoopid now. I am so pleased I’ve completely changed my mind. Anyway on that 1st trip we did the Café Pomegranate walk & I have held the experience in my heart for years as the prettiest part of Bali. So this trip I wanted to get back there & explore it again just to see if my memory was actuate…


Up early & wander up to Jl Raya Ubud, head west then north just at the top of the hill. I wander along taking in all the beautiful sights such as the emerald green rice paddy fields, the quaint home stays & villas. I admire the penjors & temples that dot the path. I greet anyone & everyone I meet although that’s not many people at this time of the morning. I’m heading to Sari Organik for a squiz & some breakfast – it opens at 8am. I’m welcomed in & can sit anywhere, so I choose a beauty of a table right on the edge of the balcony & overlooking the rice paddies. There are chickens clucking below as well as a rooster cock-a-doodle-doing. I watch the pretty birds dart here & there catching the dragonflies. My breakfast is a young coconut juice, bacon, scrambled eggs & toast as well as a Bali kopi. Oh how I love that soupy, thick coffee.


Next I have a little look around the kitchen garden – it inspires me for home.


Off I go, back along the most beautifulest part of Bali, loving it all.


I pass workers in the field, a lady making an offering to the Gods, some lycra clad ladies on their way to yoga. There is an elderly man adjusting his sarong, I politely smile as I pass him. His wife is ahead so I chase her down & take candid photos of her before catching up & trying out my Bahasa Indonesian once again.


She is a total sweetheart & we have a lovely exchange of very limited Indonesian & English but our hearts are in it & I’m so happy/thankful/peaceful/centred. We somehow manage to share a joke about having to wait for husbands who can’t fix their sarongs & I tell her she is beautiful before I say bye & walk back along the track & to Ubud.


I get back to the Bisma Cottages, have a quick swim to cool down before packing up in my room. On my walk back from breakfast, I had made an appointment at Putri Ubud Spa 2 for a hair cream bath so at 10am I head just over the road for my treatment. It was really good. It’s been a long 4 days of bad hair due to humidity & lack of water pressure in my room so this is heaven. I have my hair washed, scalp massaged & a very amazing avocado treatment put on then I’m put under an old school hairdressers heating helmet thingy to relax. I ask the girl to please just leave my hair towel dried as the thought of hot hair drying was too much. Can I tell you, whatever the avocado treatment was, it was totally amazing! My hair was soft & well-conditioned for almost a fortnight afterwards. My husband bought me some avocado oil from Woolies which I have put in my hair then covered with a shower cap for a couple of hours before washing out – works a treat!


Next I grab some beautiful lumpia at the hotel next door to where I’m staying – very good! Then back to grab my bag & check out, ready for my next adventure!!

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