My 4 days in Ubud, solo – Day 3 (part 2) – death stares & basko’s


My 4 days in Ubud, solo – Day 3 (part 2) – death stares & Basko’s

Nothing much happened this afternoon & evening as I was feeling very weary. I did manage a wander up & down Jl Bisma stopping in at Nick’s Hidden Bungalows for a snack of more lumpia & a small Bintang.


I watched with great interest as a very cross woman got even more cross as she waited for her fellow workers to follow her back to work. I made the mistake of greeting her & was treated to death stares too. Such an interesting experience to piss someone off just by being there! Bless her heart, they work sooooo hard & for very little money & here’s me poncing along all happy & stuff. Lol.

I watched a Basko man delivering dinner to locals. He sang, for my benefit, a song with lyrics about his big umbrella – I LOL’d & kept walking, he took off down the road, I caught up to him just as a friend of his threw a bucket of water at him! LOL, where was your big umbrella then Mr Bakso?

(Please note that this Basko man isn’t actually the same Basko man who sang his song to me!)


For dinner I walked next door to their restaurant called Jepun. Again I spied a dish I hadn’t had before so I ordered the Gulai Ayam – Traditional Indonesian chicken stewed with coconut milk served with rice – it was delicious!


I relaxed & watched the dragonflies over the rice paddies feeling tired but so happy. I asked the girl to add another small bintang to my bill & asked her if I could take it back to my hotel with me to which she said yes. I wander back home, Bintang in hand, smiling cheekily at the guys on reception as I walked through with said Bintang. They just smiled & gave me the thumbs up! Back in my room I fussed & packed my small amount of belongings up as tomorrow evening I will be flying home… zzz.

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