My 4 days in Ubud, solo – Day 3 (part 1) – so much goodness today!


My 4 days in Ubud, solo – Day 3 (part 1) – so much goodness today!


Up before the crack of dawn I fuss & ready in my room. When it’s light enough I take a wander to kill time before breakfast then when my day of fun can begin! Again I enjoy gorgeous pancakes, fresh fruit & kopi on my balcony!

Right, out I walk, today I head south on jl Bisma to the sacred Monkey Forest – I tuck my sunnies onto my top & walk swiftly past the entrance to the path just on the south side of the forest. I walk along trying not to indulge my imagination which is filled with creepy monkey’s jumping on me! I survive & arrive in the beautiful back gangs of Nyuh Kuning.


It’s really quite & very peaceful so I wander along checking out the nooks & crannies. I wander into Alam Wangi & am greeted by the workers there. They are very sweet & we have a little chat.


I wander on taking in the beauty. I arrival at the soccer field so wander around, zigzagging to take in the sights. It’s a very beautiful village with so many indah homes.


When I got back to the soccer field I did feel a little like I might have been back in Sydney, maybe in the inner west, there were so many expats gathered to watch their kids play footy!


And then I spied the temple – Pura Desa Puseh & I felt immediately better!


Wander, wander, pagi, pagi & before I know it I’m walking along side that Monkey Forest again. I chat to this American guy cause I can. He stops & reaches out to touch a baby monkey sitting on the fence. The bloody thing bites him! He doesn’t seem phased, I’m having a minor panic, I say my goodbyes & Walk. Into. The. Monkey. Forest…


Feeling very anxious & a lot freaked out I walked this way & that, avoiding the big groups of Monkeys. It’s very pretty in there & I’m so happy I explored it again – I hadn’t been in there since my very first Bali trip in 1999! I think it’s interesting & a good thing to do when in Ubud but I’m not sure I will do it again.

Right, I survived so I walk up MFR & stop into a cute café for an iced coffee. I notice they are also a hotel as well as a spa. I ask if I can get a 90 min Balinese massage & am swiftly taken to the spa & given a welcome smoothie. Well, can I just say that the massage was absolutely amazing! The Name is Kampung Ubud Spa & it’s on the east side of Monkey Forest road but well before the soccer field. The room was really pretty, the price for 90 mins: 170K, the massage: THE BEST MASSAGE I’VE EVER HAD! I drifted out of there! Do yourself a favour & go see Kadek.

I wander along in my post massage high when I walk past a familiar face! Kate! I say & Kate turns around. We have known each other for many years through TripAdvisor & a Bali theme group. We have a quick chat before saying our farewells. I love that my Bali is becoming a small world!


Tummy rumbling now I pop over the road to Café Wayan for some delicious Lumpia & a Bintang of course. I just sit, blissed out, admiring the garden & chatting to the waiters. Happy days! I take a quick wander through the grounds to the cooking school & vege garden. It’s very beautiful here.

Off I go, south in search of some presents for my daughter & her little friends. I pop into this little shop to look at the jewelry, make a purchase of pretty things for Clops & have a bit of a chat to this friendly lady & her husband. Chat, chat, Bali this, Bali that & then she says something I’ve heard before… She broke her leg up north & made the mistake of transferring to hospital in a local ambulance… I said, you must have written about that on the Bali forums on TA? Then urbanjungle says, well she didn’t but I did! We put two & two together & realised who we each were & had a great old chat. As I left we all said a fond farewell. Made my trip running into both Kate & urbanjungle.

Back to the hotel for a swim & rest.


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