My 4 days in Ubud, solo – Day 2 (part 2) – Warungs, Mandi’s & Mojito’s


My 4 days in Ubud, solo – Day 2 (part 2) – Warungs, Mandi’s & Mojito’s

Ready for more adventures I walked back up to Jl Raya Ubud to exchange some money before walking back towards Penestanan. A guy asked me if I want transport – he’s in a booth with a woman & another man so I ask how much? They say something really cheap & I realise they want to take me on a scooter. I say no, can they do a car please? Yes, but price is 50K – ok I say & follow him to his car. Weirdly the other guy comes too… writing this now I think it sounds a bit freaky but at the time it felt absolutely fine & it was so don’t worry that this is going to turn into a bad story. I’d used my limited Bahasa Indonesian & I just think the 2nd guy wanted to practise his English & try to sell me more transport, I don’t know, all I know is that it was a fun & friendly trip chatting in Englonesian, they dropped me exactly where I asked & I didn’t feel worried at all during the ride.


They dropped me in the driveway of Warung Pulau Kelapa which is on Jl Sanggingan, not that much further along from where I had been early in the day. I wander in and am seated on the cool verandah overlooking the amazing garden at the front of the restaurant. In Bahasa Indonesian I say “boleh say minta small Bintang?” to which I receive a lovely smile & ya in reply. I sit & peruse the menu when a dish I have never noticed before catches my eye: Pangsit Mie Ayam – Boiled noodles served with minced chicken, mushrooms & dumplings! So when the girl delivers my small Bintang I say “Boleh say minta Pangsit Mie Ayam”. She says ya & repeats my order, terima kasih J


It was delicious! Soup, noodles, chicken & crispy dumplings all washed down with a Bintang, cool breeze & gorgeous view of that garden!


I pay up & am offered a tour of their garden. I say yes please as I had read about it. Off we go, Made & I. I hadn’t realised there was also a café there, further back on the huge property! We walk down through some pretty gardens & up the other side to the farm area. It’s really cool & so pretty. Made explains things to me, I step in duck poo, Made washes it off me, we laugh, fun times! I take some time to walk back without Made & try to take it all in. I am having a wave of feeling incredibly happy/lucky/blessed to be back.

Right next up is my spa appointment at Bali Botanica Spa. I’ve made the booking online & am really looking forward to my Mandi Lulaur – bath scrub. It’s a 1 hour & 50 min treatment which includes massage, scrub, yogurt moisturiser & petal bath. I’m greeted by the lovely front desk staff who get me all checked in. They are very professional & very warm. My masseuse arrives & escorts me through the Spa to my room complete with beautiful bath overlooking the jungle.


I get changed into my sexy disposable undies & lay down. The massage is enjoyable & the lovely lady checks on pressure as we go. If I’m honest I was left feeling underwhelmed by the technique but it wasn’t bad, just not great. Next up is the green tea scrub which is ok, but I have strong memories of a great few scrubs I’ve had at a few Bali spa’s & this isn’t all that great. What is great is the yogurt moisturiser! It’s cool & smells divine & I can feel my skin soaking it up. Next I’m asked to have a shower before stepping into my beautiful petal bath. Before having this treatment I thought the bath part would be pretty standard but actually it was pretty awesome. The petals feel really good & I really enjoyed relaxing, gazing out of the window, hoping I wouldn’t scare a local farmer, sipping on my ginger tea! I showered – washing my hair – the water temp & pressure was excellent! Then I dressed & found my therapists who escorted me back up to the reception where I paid my 230k & wandered back out onto the Jalan.

I took a walk through a couple of hotels because they looked so pretty – I’m such a sucker for a gorgeous, tropical garden.


I head on over to Indus for a cocktail & some snacks. It’s really pretty & I’m invited to go upstairs. I can choose my table so opt for one with a great view. I order a mint & pineapple mojito & a dish called Bali tapas before taking a few photos of the view. I spy a teeny, tiny kitten right next to the temple.


She is very timid & I keep scaring her so I return to my chair & give my husband & daughter a call using the awesome wifi.


My drink is brilliant but the food was a bit disappointing. I think I should have ordered a plated meal rather than tapas as it was mostly deep fried items whereas the food off the a la carte menu looks fresh & delicious! Just another reason to make sure I go back when next in Ubud don’t you think!


I looked at the view & then the penny dropped! I was on the other side of the Campuhan Ridge walk & I could see my beloved Café Pomegranate walk beyond Campuhan too.


Seriously, it’s the small things that delight me lol! I pay up then wander back out onto the street hoping a might find another transport guy. I wander along, enjoying the gentle rain & watched the people around me do their thing. Before I knew it I was back up on Jl Raya Ubud so just wandered back down Jl Bisma to my room. Another magic day in my Bali. Zzz



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