My 4 days in Ubud, solo – Day 2 – Penestanan wanders (part 1)


My 4 days in Ubud, solo – Day 2 – Penestanan wanders (part 1)


I have a rough itinerary planned for each day – today is earmarked for a morning walking through Penestanan so off I go, map in hand, across the rickety bridge near Bridges then up the other side.


I get to the steep hill to the south of Jl Raya Ubud & charge on up it. I wander along taking it all in. Not much happening yet as it’s early still. It’s all very nice but I kind of think what the heck is all the buzz about? My map tells me I can cut into off the main road to get to the village part but I can’t see a way so I end up walking all the way back to Jl Raya Ubud!


But I have a plan. I know of some stairs not far along from here so keep walking & there they are. I watch some bule dressed in traditional Balinese ceremony dress – they are heavy in conversation so I just smile & admire them as they walk past.


I see a little walk way so wander along – solo travel for me is awesome as I can choose on a whim what to do without discussion or eye rolling from husband or child! The path leads me to brilliant emerald fields! Hmmm, maybe this is what people are talking about?


Off I go again back to the stair path but head up & over & all of a sudden I’m in this lovely part of town.


I stop for a cup of Bali kopi at Lala & Lili. It’s so pretty with its dining pavilions & garden but it’s the little puppy who keeps me company who wins my heart!


That done I walked down the hill & admire all the guesthouses, restaurants & spas. I’ve come down into the valley & it is all jungle like with lots of pretty homes. Still I’m left thinking, really, where’s the magic here?


Up I go again in search of the Yellow Flower café. I walk all the way back up to almost the stairs & spy a sign so follow it. Oooooooohhhhh this area is very gorgeous. So many villas & compounds & gorgeous little gangs that lead to killer views of emerald fields. I think I might be starting to see the side of Penestanan that people love!


I wander through the Yellow flower & out the other side, clove cigarette & man buns left, right & centre. On I go & just wander where ever my heart desires.


I happen upon a path that leads through the fields & I’m just in heaven – it’s so pretty & I really feel good here.


I’m happy & a bit hungry so I walk to where I have heard I can get back down onto the main road known as Jl Sanggangin which is just east of the Bintang Supermarket. Success!


I have a little wander before spying The Elephant restaurant so head on in for some breaky! The Elephant has a sister café in Canggu called Green Ginger & it is still one of our best enjoyed meals from a family trip a few years ago so I’m really happy to be here now. I order a coconut & pineapple frappe as well as some gorgeous tomato, feta & basil sourdough toast. It was delicious!

Exhausted now I arrange transport back to Bisma Cottage. He says 70k, I say 50k, he says no, I walk away, he says 60k, I say ok! I’m back to my comfy hotel in no time. I have a rest & a swim & smile my head off at being back here.


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