Downtown Ubud


Day 12 – Ubud, then back to the Airport…


So yesterday I failed to report a small conversation we had with the lovely woman at Sri Bungalows Restaurant. You see, Mumma J & I thought, with our girls blessing, we could hire a babysitter to just hang with the girls in the hotel room & pool while the Mum’s had some retail & exploring therapy. We had negotiated with a younger woman 200k for the day to just be with the girls, there to help if they needed anything. She agreed but we felt it might have been slightly misunderstood what we wanted. So when we got to breakfast & the lady was there we were thrilled!


Breakfast finished we take the girls x 3 to the room & outline the rules. Everyone said they were happy so we got the flock out of there, clicking our heels as we went!


First stop, a souvenir shop on MFR. It was a huge, fixed price place. Slightly expensive but a thrill to walk around & look at everything. Plus no whinging!


Up we go to Pasar Ubud for a wander. Mumma J & I want to buy a few things so we head to the knife man, right down in the guts of the market where it doesn’t smell very good. But he gave us a good price & posed for a picture or 3!


I buy a 20k sarong for Clops because she has been such a good girl & has always admired the sarong I bought on my last trip that I don’t let her use!


We wander back up & past the palace in search of Pura Taman Saraswati. We know vaguely where it is but get a little confused so ask a couple of school girls. They are very good & really try to help us. Mumma J’s Bahasa really helps the situation & we head off in the right direction, finding the Temple easily once we locate Star bucks (yuck!).


There’s no one here…. It’s lovely to be the only ones. We wander and chat, taking photos. We message the girls to see if they are ok. No answer. No news is good news right?


Next we zig-zag back to Seniman Coffee for a fancy iced coffee. Great wifi here too. Across the road for a look in a thrift shop before walking west along Jl Raya Ubud to a row of three shops we both want to visit.


First up Puteri Minang for a look & chat. It has very good reviews, I just think my bule tummy wouldn’t cope & as I’m flying home this evening I’d rather keep things vanilla. The food looked fantastic & I would try some if I had felt gamer.


Next is a squiz in Bali Buddha. Lots of organic, healthy things here. I love the basket of eggs – you could just buy one if you wanted!


Then next again Ganesha Bookshop. We both purchased a book each. I bought a really charming booked called Rajapala & Ken Sulasih… It’s a love story with a sad ending. It’s written in both Indonesian & English & has the most beautiful Illustrations. A bit exxy at 125.000 but I had to have it!


Tummies grumbling we walk over to the original Ibu Oka for some bubi guling. We are redirected to Ibu Oka III & go begrudgingly… I wanted to eat at the one Rick Stein did… oh well. We find our way & are welcomed in & given fast service as we need to get back to our girls. We both order pork & crackling & a Bintang – perfection!


It’s a quick but lovely meal. We pay up & head back out.


We spy a ‘short cut’ so we risk it and head down a really cute gang which lucky for us, leads us back to just near the market. We arrive home to find both girls & babysitter alive & well. We pay our lady & she looks very relieved as she slips away quickly.


Right pool time then a heavenly foot & leg massage before my packing commences! We share one last meal together at Sri Bungalow restaurant. It’s been a wonderful trip & we have all enjoyed ourselves greatly. Many hugs & tears as we say fond farewells & are whisked away into the night & down to the airport… We land back in Sydney at 6am the next morning. Brrrrr it’s cold!

Thanks for reading!




5 thoughts on “Downtown Ubud

  1. Just indulged in a 1.5 hour read of beautiful Bali on a cold dreary Saturday afternoon in Qld. Thank you thank you. The photos are magical and colourful! Loved loved loved this. Right now I have my Bali fix I’m off to book hotel tugu!


  2. Hi, thank you for your beautiful blog and for sharing your experience. How do you travel in Bali & Nusa Lembongan (NL) if you don’t drive scooter? We’re looking for affordable transport option for a week around the main island & 3 days in NL. Thank you for your advice 🙂


    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment! We do a lot of walking even with our young daughter. In tourist areas such as Seminyak & Sanur there are many taxi’s so that’s easy, always ask them to turn the meter on though. In Ubud & Canggu you need to negotiate a price with a private driver, they hang out on the streets & are easy to find. On Nusa Lembongan a lot of restaurants will pick you up/drop you home. We hired a golf buggy for a day which was the best thing ever! Have fun planning 😊


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