More Bali Magic! Temples & Traditional Villages


Day 11 – Ubud. Part 2


Next stop isn’t one we had discussed but I’m really happy we did. We arrive at Pura Tirta Empul. A place I have seen pictures of but never really cared to go – why I will never know because I really enjoyed it.


First we pay for the ticket then walk into a courtyard. We are fitted with a sarong & sash by the volunteers at hand. It feels lovely & I love wearing it & I love seeing everyone wearing them even the men. In we go for a lovely walk around. First up are the springs. We notice the locals giving their thanks & placing their offerings, cempaka thick in the delicious air. We notice a group of Bule being prepared to go into the springs. They all line up single file & hop into the water, following the guide. I watch as she leads them to a spout & demonstrated what to do. They then all take their turn in cleansing there. It was really gentle & special to watch. We didn’t go into the spring… I’m not sure this is something I would personally want to do but you never know what the future holds!


We take a wander. There is wood being carved & families enjoying the fish ponds. We walk to areas where the other bule don’t go. It’s very pretty. There are women selling the gorgeous, tiny Bali bananas or pisang. I make a donation but ask for a photograph instead which is welcomed.


There is a pray being lead which adds such an atmosphere, it’s really lovely. The grounds are very beautiful with gold gilded pavilions & stone archways, fish ponds & statues. Next we walk through the quite large markets being offered mangosteens the whole way. And then we are out. It was well worth the visit.


Next up is Penglipuran Traditional Village. Again we buy our ticket & wander in. This village is very beautiful & is set out like quite a fancy street… The houses are all numbered & have their own unique archway & garden. Ladies are standing there ready to greet you & offer ‘you come look my shop?’. We wander along admiring the beauty & smiling at the ladies.


We get up to the top & take our photos looking back down. During an occasion such as Gulangan (new year) there would be penjors (bamboo decorations that stand, high in the air) swaying but not today. We wander all the way back down after arranging with Wayan where we will meet. We get to the end & sit, waiting. All of a sudden this familiar black van drives passed, Driver hanging out the window & he says ‘you want transport?’ Lol, it’s Wayan! We all crack up! It was so unexpected & so perfect. What a great guy.


Back in we pile & head back to Ubud for lunch. We say very fond farewells to Wayan as he drops us off at Ubud Tropical Garden’s restaurant where we feast our eyes on the rice paddies as we devour our bebek. Mumma J has Bebek Betutu while I have Bebek Bengil. Quack!


Next it’s another risky walk passed the Monkey Forest but this time we aren’t as freaked out so we stop & watch them for a while.


We wander back up the hill & back to the hotel for a swim & drinky! Then it’s spa time! We lock the girls in the room & head to the spa. We both have a head & shoulders massage & it was brilliant. The room is open to the gully & decorated beautifully. The music as gentle & the oil smelled amazing. Annoyingly the girls chatted with each other but very quietly so wasn’t so bad, I guess.

For dinner we headed slightly south to Cinta Grill. It was good, we shared our last cocktails & chatted the evening away as per usual. What a wonderful day. Zzz.


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