Magic: Campuhan, Karsa Kafe & Tegalalang


Day 11 – Ubud. Part 1

I awake to the sound of harps! Wait, what? Another alarm? In Bali? Lol!

We meet outside for this morning’s adventures – The Campuhan Ridge walk. So off we head up Monkey Forest road, hang a left at Jl Raya Ubud & head on down the road passed the Café Pomegranate road in search of Warick Ibah Hotel which marks the start of the walk. If you have a rough idea of where it is & keep your eyes peeled for the signs it’s quite easy to find “going to the hill ß”.


We walk down the steep road with groups of school kids, before walking to the right of a bridge which must head to the school. We walk down a valley with a creek/river & alongside a pretty Pura before the real walk starts… up we go! It’s a bit tough going I won’t lie so be prepared to puff & sweat but it doesn’t last for long. And then you are on top of the ridge!


It is something I have wanted to do for a while but since this is only the 2nd time I’ve ventured to Ubud I haven’t had the chance until this morning. We left really early to avoid the heat of the day but it seems we weren’t the only folk with this bright idea! Although not crowded, it was busy enough to not allow many photos without anyone in them! Oh well.


There’s jungle on both sides along with pretty looking villas but the ridge it’s self is wild grass. I tried climbing up to get a better view then thought better of it in case of snakes. The girls laughed at me as I squealed & stacked it.


Then we reach the end of the ridge walk but arrive in this gorgeous village known as Bangkiang Sidem. It’s very pretty with its villas & gardens & then in between the prettiest rice paddies in their full emerald glory! On we walk enjoying the sights. There are a few local artisan shops just opening up so we selamat pagi lots J

DSCN1948 - Copy

Then we get to our breakfast destination: Karsa Kafe.


It’s a three tiered, open building with STUNNNING views over the rice paddies, coconut grove & lily pond. We order coffee & juices as we wait for Mumma J who we know has ended up talking to a Wayan about his hand painted eggs that she has had her eye on for her Mum’s present – we were right!

When we were all together again we ordered breakfast & sat chatting enjoying the view. Breaky is simple but delightful & very tasty. I have coconut & palm sugar pancakes!

We meet our driver, Wayan & immediately know we have a lovely soul with us for our day trip. He is smilie & happy & is all over us helping get us into the car. He is a lovely man!


First stop: 10 metres back down the road to our hand painted egg man! Muma J buys her eggs & I buy a small but gorgeous painting in the traditional style. The artist is lovely & we enjoy our chat. He is a real lady’s man even posing for photos which was very sweet.


Right, we are really off this time, driving up the road through so much beautiful country side. The rice, the coconut, the jungle, the villages. But it’s not too long before we hit something really special: Tegalalang. I visited here on my very first Bali trip back in 1999 & I remember the rice terraces being just as beautiful but nothing else around at all? Could this be the case that all these markets & restaurants weren’t here or perhaps I was at a very different spot? Who knows!

It’s quite busy here too but all groups are well spaced out. We take photos & marvel at the beauty. Right, let’s go for a walk so off we go down the side of the valley. Every part is pretty with a lovely handle railing tied here & a rustic plank of wood there. Down we walk & across the bridge & up the other side. The sun is shining & it’s just magic. So, so beautiful. This is my perfect Bali view. We pay a very small fee to walk on & enjoy waking others take their Instagram worthy photos 😉 We take a while before returning down & back up. I think I nearly had a heart attack by the time I got back up. I had to have a sit down & drink. It is not for the unfit (like me!) & it isn’t for anyone with injuries or small kids but everyone else will enjoy.


I would go again in a heartbeat. I would recommend this to anyone visiting Bali. It was a wonderful experience.


Right back in the car & on we go. Wayan is brilliant. He wants to practise his English & is very happy to help us with our Indonesian. Mumma J knows lots already so she can ask for more complex expressions, I on the other hand say everything wrong! But they are patient & help me. Today’s phrase is Apu Kabar which the girls enjoy saying out of the window as we pass people. Thankfully it’s received well.

Tegalalang – tegal = garden, alang = stories or floors (such as a building has stories/floors). Thanks Wayan.


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