Day 10 – Jalan, Jalan on the Jalans of Ubud


Day 10 – Ubud. Part 1

There’s a gentle knock at the door. It’s one girl looking for the other girl, who is still snoring gently beside this girl who had been awake but fallen asleep again! The girls go off and explore the hotel with strict instructions to not leave the property, not talk to anyone & whatever else happens stay together!


I potter in the room delighting in the cempaka fragranced incense that must be burning just outside my room. So far this hotel is great! The rooms are clean, furnished beautifully. The bed, pillows & linen is great & im very pleased. The bathroom lets it down a bit but as long as it’s clean I really don’t mind for this money. The grounds are lovely & as we head out to breakfast we notice all the beautiful, freshly placed offerings with their cempaka incense burning.


Breaky at Sri is your choice of orange or guava juice, fresh fruit, your choice of toast or croissant, & your choice of cooked breakfast with Kopi – which is beautiful, rich, meaty Bali Kopi which I adore. I even have a second cup I like it so much. There is also Indonesian breakfast which we didn’t have.


We head to the front pool for a good, solid swim to thank you girls for their very good behaviour yesterday. It’s so peaceful here, hearing the splashes, feeling the sun & just having a relax after yesterday’s adventures. The hotel is really sweet & has beautiful gardens & lovely statues. Such a lovely morning!


With tummies rumbling we head out onto the street in search is Sjari-Tarus warung. We dont have to go far as it’s just across the soccer field as we walk up MF road. This warung is a very special one as it is a little different… It has everything you would expect – great food, lovely views & a central location. What you might not know about Sjaki’s Warung is that it employs a team of special needs teenagers who are able to learn how to cook, how to serve & all manner of other workplace activities whilst earning a wage. Sjaki’s Warung welcomes you to come in & enjoy a meal as well as perhaps take a short tour & chat with the friendly staff to get further information. Buying a meal here is contributing to enriching the lives of special needs, Balinese teenagers!


When we arrived there was a music class in progress so as we sat & enjoyed our drinks we could hear the children playing instruments & one boy was singing.


There is a small collection of items you can buy that the proceeds go toward caring for the children. And they have great wifi!


We bid farewell & head back onto MFR, heading north before taking the next right onto Jalan Dewi Sita for a stroll & a look. I love this street having only walked down it once a few years ago. It reminds me of Balmain with all its cute little shops. When we get to Jl Hanoman we hang another right and head down here in search of lunch. So many little shops & cafes. Such a cool spot to explore yet with every pod of shops then you find a gorgeous family compound or a Pura. And absolutely everywhere is that fun loving, creative streak the Balinese have reflected in a hand painted sign or a collection of spiky plants with egg shells on them!


On we walk… seems a lot longer than it should be… we stop and ask a friendly transport gut. To our surprise he turns & points back up the way we have come! Lol, we missed it, so after a whinge & a grumble from the children we head back up the jalan. And there it is, not too far back, Kebun Bistro.

We are welcomed in & offered outside or inside with AC. It was unanimous… inside please!

Its dark & cool & decorated with an unusual mix of art & ornaments. The menu reads well & we end up ordering a few entrees to share so we can try several dishes. This sharing meals is fun for me as I love tapas or yum cha or antipasto, anything where there’s lots of little things to taste. The food is good quality, is true to form in that it has snappy, bistro service & the ac was a definitely bonus. Win/win.


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