Day 9 – We arrive in Ubud, Baby!


Day 9 – Canggu to Ubud. Part 4
We arrive in Ubud & enjoy the drive up Monkey Forest Road to our hotel for this final stage – The Sri Bungalows. We selected this hotel because of its traditional feel, location, two pools & price – we chose well!


We are checked in & taken to our rooms in a welcoming & friendly manner. The rooms are beautiful with one up, one down, over looking the working rice paddies. They had just been burnt which I was fine with after seeing lots of lush green today. I like to see it at different stages anyway so this was lovely. Plus the bebek were out eating the insects & the blue sky reflected in the water.


To tell you the truth I can’t actually remember if we went out for supplies & to change money or if we had a swim first. I just remember dinner!


We planned to have dinner nearby as we thought we would be getting to Ubud after dark. So dinner was at Cafe Wayan. What a treat! We were offered a table at the front but luckily we asked to go through & sit in the garden. It was so pretty & so Balinese we were in heaven. We settled in with a Bintang & looked over the menu – Rijsttafel! Hooray! So that’s what we order. Neither of us has had one before so this is amazing!


I take a wander further back & discover yet more beautiful garden & the cooking school. I spy Bali limes & my first thoughts were to pinch one but I’m happy to report I thought better of it & left the limes on the tree & my good karma intact.


Dinner – OMG, YUM! Rijsttafel is like Nasi Campur only on steroids! There are 15 different items on the platter as well as soto to start & dessert to finish. I play mum & serve it out & we just sit & enjoy every mouthful! My favourite are the fried mung beans, corn fritters, prawns, Nasi, chicken curry & bean/coconut spicy salad. Such a beautiful dinner with pretty surrounds, great service & amazing company.

We head home full as googs & feeling very blessed. Zzz.


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