Day 9 – Lake Temples & back roads


Day 9 – Canggu to Ubud. Part 3


Next we are off to the lake temple or Pura Ulun Danau Beraton for a nosy. Well, I did enjoy our time here but as we drove in I thought to myself, ‘oh no, this is going to suck’. There were so many tour buses & so many people I just didn’t fancy being there for too long. There were mostly Indonesian people wandering around. We were asked if our girls could be photographed which was kind of weird but Clops wanted to so I let her. If they liked her look now I can’t imagine what they would have thought about her as a white blond baby!


We take the standard photos, trying to not get randoms in them, fail! We wander left & enjoy seeing the groups all so happy to be there. Lots of teens & young adults enjoying the view. After the temple (which you can look at but not go in) there is a beautiful garden with the strangest rubbish bins which were sculpted into fruit & veg (totally delighted the children). Further left, or should I say north, you can get close to the lake & wander around the conference area before looping around to some caged animals which the girls loved & then to a play ground before heading out & back to Alex. It was a nice afternoon of wandering. A bit boring but I’m very happy to have seen the lake & temple.

Our schedule was supposed to include continuing on to Git Git waterfall but we were running very late already & the girls had been so good so we decided to head directly to our next & final hotel in Ubud. I’m pleased we did as it took quite some time to get back & the girls were very ready for a swim.


The back roads to Ubud from here were steep & it rained for a bit but it was so interesting to see the towns & farms. I wish it were suitable for me to self drive in Bali, I would just love to head out into the countryside & take my time, photograph everything & just be there! One day I might do another solo trip & hire a patient driver who might also love photography & we will have a wonderful day of it! But then again I might never come home!



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