Day 9 – Pasar Candi Kuning awesomeness!


Day 9 – Canggu to Ubud. Part 2

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I’ve asked Alex to stop if we see a plot of marigolds as they are quite rare in the south. He obliges & stops at the very first we see so I jump out & take some pics. They aren’t in full bloom just yet but it was so lovely to see the burst of orange among the green crops.

We drive through Candi Kuning & toward the strawberry Farm. There are a couple of different ones & we end up at one down near lake Beratan. Unfortunately the strawberries aren’t able to be picked.


We did see some on the drive in but I admit to feeling a bit weird about letting my daughter pick & eat strawberries where I know the irrigation water wouldn’t be hygienic. We discussed this and thought that they would probably wash them with bottled water for us. Anyway it wasn’t to be so we just admired the huge lake & ominous clouds rolling in.

DSCN1585 - Copy

It really is lunch time so we make a beeline for Pasar Candi Kuning in the hopes that we could locate the cafe ‘Eat, Drink, Love’ art cafe which we did.


It’s in the middle of the market in the building part. The cafe was very cute with lots of art & nick knacks on display. We ordered drinks and food which hit the spot! Everyone enjoyed their meals, mine wasn’t very good but 3 out of 4 ain’t bad so I can live with that!

Right, Pasar time! I have always wanted to get to these markets and I am soooooo happy we did. They are so beautiful! The market ladies make a real effort to display their fruit & vege in a way that makes it an art form. I adored seeing it all set up & arranged. Really, really gorgeous. Out of many great things seen on this day this really impressed me!


I managed to buy a small mortar & pestle which is made from volcanic rock. I’ve wanted one for ever & have not seen then this small before (think weight for luggage). We had a quick chat about how much I would be happy to pay: 100k. Right, ‘what’s your best price terima kashi?’ 50k – sold!

We have a chat to a market lady about Bali limes as we have had no luck seeing any so far but this lady doesn’t have any. We walk through & enjoy the sights & sounds before meeting Alex again.


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