Day 8 – Warung Dandelion


Day 8 – Canggu. Part 2

I’m having a traditional Balinese massage & am well looked after by Putu. She’s a tiny lady but what she lacks in stancher, she makes up for in the prefect massage. As I lay there enjoying the beautiful Balinese music she plays through her portable speaker I can hear the girls playing & giggling outside. This is such a great service & really adds such a relaxing aspect to the day. Once the massage is over I am able to just lounge in the room, enjoying the pleasure of not having to walk back out onto the street, rather, watch Putu swiftly pack up her massage table, give me her sweet smile before I’m left to have a little rest of my head on my pillow.

We share a duty free or two around the pool before readying for dinner. Wayan picks us up & delivers us to warung dandelion where we are welcomed in like family. We had booked via email several weeks ago & are given our choice to sit inside or out in the fairy lit garden. In the garden please we say as we are led to a gorgeous table. Cocktails ordered before we peruse the delicious menu. They offer all the trappings and then some. We decide that the entrees are too good to go past so we order several items to share like our own, custom Nasi Campur. The girls have sate lilit and then some chicken dumplings.


While we had been looking over the menu our girls had been taken by one of the girls to meet the rabbits that hop around the garden. They both adore animals so really enjoyed chasing & patting them. The girl, Indah, took very good care of them even giving clops the nickname ‘Orange’. The name suits her as she is dressed in orange from head to toe, yet so is Indah.

The drinks are great – started with a coffee martini – followed by a mojito – and finished with a margarita. All very good, hic.


The food was divine! Every dish was beautifully presented & tasted amazing. In fact we liked the dumplings so much we ordered another round, this time chicken. Actually the fish were my favourite if I’m honest. I think we had dessert but I can’t quite remember as the cocktails were good and strong.


Made comes to our table to say hello. What a charming & hilarious gentleman he is! He has us in stitches regaling stories of his dogs. The handsome owner also a Made dropped by to flirt with us lol! We were treated like friends, like guests, like family. We were dropped home again by Wayan, the lovely driver.

Straight to bed tonight as we have a huge day tomorrow! Zzz


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