Day 7 – Chillaxing together


Day 7 – Canggu. Part 2

In fact we chatted so long it was now almost lunch time so we got Alex to drive us up to Jl Selat & to Cinta Cafe. Cinta cafe over looks a beautiful working rice paddy field with ducks. The rice has just been harvested so although it’s not as lush or pretty as at any other stage, it’s still interesting to see.

Lunch takes a long time & they don’t have everything available as per menu but when we finally get it, it’s yummy.

We grab a taksi back to Voyager as we have booked Casa Spa. CASA spa come to your hotel or villa & have a great selection of treatments as well as being very professional & great at what they do.

I have a coconut smoothie which is a body scrub. It was lovely to have it in my room & being able to just relax afterwards without having to go back out into the heat, get taksis etc. I highly recommend.

So we sit around drinking duty free cocktails while the girls enjoy the pool. Suddenly it’s dark & our tummies are rumbling so we head out to La Finca for a quick bite of Spanish tapas. The food was lovely as always as was the service & beautiful gardens. We ask to call a taksi. He arrives but is very weird to deal with. He just won’t talk or acknowledge us when we ask him to take us back to our hotel. He doesn’t know where it is & takes us all the way around the world! And drives really badly. I was very happy to get home. Zzz


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