Day 7 – Day tripping in the Gu


Day 7 – Canggu. Part 1
We wake up to the sound of thunder! I have never heard thunder before in Bali. It’s really cool actually. Then the heavens open & the resort is refreshed.
7am we check out of the Tugu. We are given such a fond farewell, we feel like family. It’s sad to leave!

Off we go up the road to The Voyager Creative Retreat to meet our friends so are super excited. We sit at the breakfast table & wait… Then we hear their voices & we jump up & greet each other like long lost friends!!
Bacon, eggs, pineapple juice & coffee we enjoy our time chatting together a lot.

At 9am Alex, our driver arrives right on time & takes us off for our day of activities. First stop Pasar Semat (Canggu markets) where we are lucky to have Alex escort us & talk us through the different items. I thought the girls might be a bit silly here but they did us proud by showing interest & maturity as they saw a different way of shopping for the first time.

Off we go south where we drop in to Tully Boutique to have a look at all the pretty things. So many lovely clothes, jewellery & accessories.

Next we head to Carga for a looksee. I just love everything here. So many pretty things. I buy a cute Aqua purse & a Bali Street Kids Project dolly. This organisation also runs an orphanage. Please have a look at their website Yayasan Kasih Peduli Anak.
Oh no, shoe emergency! My friends daughters shoe breaks! So off we go to buy a new pair for her at the Seminyak Flea Markets. And of course I buy a matching pair for clops!!

Next up is a money changer then a coffee stop at Pison. We had a lovely chat & coffees.


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