Day 6 – Soft opening of Balu Agung


Day 6 – Canggu. Part 2

Tonight is another special night as it the new restaurant at Tugu’s soft opening & we have been invited to attend! We get ready in the room before taking a wander around the roof top of Tugu taking yet more photos before heading down to Ji at the Bale Sutra where we are welcomed in. I take a further 50 odd photos before we are seated, drinks ordered & complimentary canapés offered. It’s a Japanese restaurant which just so happens to be our favourite. We order miso soup, rice & pork gyoza then a platter of sushi & sashimi. It was delicious & we enjoyed it all.


The manager came over & delivered a beautiful complimentary cocktail which not only tasted amazing but looked divine. We pay the bill & say our good nights before retiring to our room to pack & get ready to check out early tomorrow morning. I look forward to another great nights sleep. Pity about stupid Old Mans over the way playing stupid loud music. Ear plugs. Zzz


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