Day 6 – Canggu you good thing!


Day 6 – Canggu. Part 1
We awake refreshed & excited for the day. We head up to breaky & enjoy the moody foyer restaurant as the sun shines in. Waffles for her, eggs benedict for me. Yum!

We head out for our morning walk, we go east along Batu bolong checking it out. We head right onto Jl Nelayan before heading right again & back to the beach. It’s pretty & green & has hardly any traffic.


We walk along the beach & back into Tugu for a swim. Splash splash splash.

Right time for a rest in the room. Oo oh my tummy doesn’t feel right. Not good at all but manageable. I just keep drinking water & trying to feel better.
We decide to walk to Deus to buy Daddy the tshirt he wants. It’s such a hot day but she does me proud with only occasional comments about why are we doing this. We have a look through the tshirts before finding the correct one. We also spy the worlds most expensive phone cases which I buy (they are cute but so not worth what I spent!). We enjoyed the art exhibition & laughed at the witty paintings. We took a walk out the back before spying the tiniest three kittens ever. They were so funny & very sweet. Tiny little tigers pouncing & biting each other. The mummy cat stuck her head into one of the chefs drinks (he was on a break out back). He laughed. It was all very lovely.


Tummy rumbling we head to Betelnut. I’m still feeling off so order a tonic fizz drink thing & a plain chicken & avo tortilla from the kids menu. Clops grabs a chicken burger & milkshake. We sit & listen to the young things around us looking all young & gorgeous. You never appreciate how beautiful youth is until it’s leaves you. Oh well.
I eat & slowly feel better. It’s really lovely sitting upstairs, light breeze & rice paddy view. A lovely lunch was had.


Next we walk home hopeful a taksi might drive past… Nope, didn’t happen so we walked all the way back in the stinking hot sun. Pool time!!


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