Day 5 – Back in Canggu


Day 5 – Lembongan to Canggu. Part 2

Finished we catch a cab & are taken north along Jl petitenget towards Canggu. This area is my all time favourite. It feels like my second home. It’s a bit gut wrenching but this is the second time I’ve been to Bali but given Petitenget the cold shoulder!


We arrive at our destination – Hotel Tugu. I have always wanted to stay here, for ever & ever this hotel has intrigued me. I adore its approach to tradition & its devotion to offering a high quality hotel experience & show casing all that is Balinese.

From check in to now it’s been perfection.

Our room is beyond perfection. It’s moody & earthy & divinely gorgeous. It’s charming & function & utterly delightful. I want to live here. It’s me all over. I LOVE IT. (God, I got a tear in my eye writing that).

So we go exploring & take about a billion photos around the hotel before enjoying the refreshing pool. Then back for a rest in the room.

Clops & I haven’t been sleeping very well as per usual as we find the Balinese mattresses uncomfortable. Well, we lay down this afternoon & felt like we were laying on a cloud it was so good. We will sleep well here!

So dinner is a late one tonight! 7pm! Unheard of in the mono/willi household! But it’s a special one as its dinner & a show. We are blessed with good luck as usually the cultural night is on a Thursday at Tugu but they had a wedding here last night so tonight is the night.

The dining room is in the hotel foyer & it looks stunning with its high roof & dark, antique furniture. The room is draped with red.


We order a Fanta & an ‘Enter the Dragon’ followed by chicken nuggets & the most delicious nasi campur.

Then the first of three dances begins. It’s two stunning Balinese ladies dressed in colourful costume & gold head dress. This dance is gorgeous. Their faces are in a constant smile. Their fingers bent backwards & bottoms pushed out. It’s brilliant.
The music is performed by 8 men sitting on stage, either side of the dancers.

The next dance is a solo masked man with his long finger nails. It’s mesmerising. Clops said it was good but a bit scary.

The final dance was with fans. The music was very fast & the woman dancers were perfection with their head wobbles & dramatic makeup. Next it’s photo time so of course we took many.


Back to the room for a sleep on the cloud bed,,, I can hear the ocean crashing. Zzz

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