Day 5 – Bye, bye Lembongan


Day 5 – Lembongan to Canggu. Part 1

A leisurely morning spent together in the room packing & then swimming. We also grabbed a coffee from Mola Mola House. Quite lovely. 10am we are to be collected by Rocky Fast Boats. 10.15am comes so we ring… I spoke to someone but I’m not at all sure of how they wanted me to feel as they just spoke in indo to another person then hung up! Weird. As I was in no hurry to get back on that boat I just hung tight & thought I’d see how it played out. Then our hotel got a call & the porter came & carried out luggage, as we followed, down to the beach & up to the road. The next few mins were a rather frantic drive to another hotel to pick up another passenger then down to Batu Jungut.


Incidentally I asked the reception lady what ‘Jungut’ meant. She didn’t know so I consulted the on the line encyclopaedia, uncle Google where he informed me it meant beard. As Batu means stone I can only assume ‘stone beard’ has something to do with hairy sea rocks or maybe seaweed on the rocks? Lol.

I also asked the girl about the umbrellas on every grave we have seen… She didn’t know that either so uncle Google to the rescue again. It’s a Lembongan tradition to protect the dead from the sun! Bless the Balinese & their thoughtfulness!


Right, we are deposited on the beach & watch hoards of Japanese descend into the beach. Selfie city, excited/hysterical chatter then as if by magic they are lead away to start their Lembongan experience.
So now it’s time to get back on that boat… Fire truck! I spend the entire 30mins staring at Lembongan as it slowly gets smaller & smaller & smaller. The ride is smooth sailing with absolutely no scary bits what so ever. I think I might have actually been enjoying myself at one stage! Who’d have thunk it!

Off we hop at Sanur & are whisked away to Seminyak. This was part of the service so we didn’t pay. Our actual destination was Canggu but they wanted 350k to do I said no thanks, Semmy will do. We are dropped off in Laksmana, directly across from Gingermoon, and it’s 12pm. So what’s a GM fan to do when hungry at lunchtime? You guessed it! So in we went for my favourite bubi guling half moons, duck pancakes & nasi goreng. Yum. Yum. Yum.


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