Day 4 – Delicious ocean swim & SUP!


Day 4 – Lembongan. Part 2
We swim in the resort pool. I notice mushroom bay is really quiet today. So much quieter than yesterday. In fact the banana boat isn’t even going out with back to back riders. Perhaps they are all over at Nusa Ceningan now!


So I suggest we go for a swim in the ocean. She says yes!! So off we go & enjoy the refreshing & gorgeous waters of MB. It was pure delight! We giggled & swam & enjoyed every moment.

This afternoons plan is to hire a SUP & have a giggle. So that’s what we do. 100k for an hour. Probably paid a bit much but it’s ok. We spent an hour out on the thing giggling, splashing & actually standing up!! She was so much better than me but I still managed to do it which I was really proud of. We chatted to some ladies from Melbourne which was fun. Then we went back to the pool before resting in the room where I type this now.


Tonight we do a bit of a sunset bar crawl… We did it in the wrong order for great sunset photos but the perfect order for getting home quick.

First up we had a Mint julep & a strawberry Fanta at MB Bungalows but the smokers moved in so we moved on. Next was somewhere in the middle for a strawberry crush & some fries but the clops got bored so we are now pool side & will have some nasi goreng in the room.

Last night on Lembongan. It’s gone quickly. IF I were to be brave enough to come back I’d like to spend a week here really exploring & decompressing from normal life. I’m looking forward to getting back to Bali tomorrow, just not the dreaded boat. Zzz


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