Day 4 – The freedom of the open road!


Day 4 – Lembongan. Part 1

We actually had a sleep in today!! 6.30am we woke up, dressed & jumped into the buggy. I tell you, it’s the best 1 million I’ve ever spent! Just to have the freedom & independence is wonderful. We head on down to Jungut where we suddenly realise there really isn’t any parking!! And I thought Sydney was bad! Then I spy Bali Eco Deli with its huge parking lot out the front so we make a beeline there.


Fresh fruit plate & great coffee for me, chocolate banana bread & pineapple juice for clops. We sit & watch the hipsters try to out hip each other. Hee hee. I just don’t understand the whole yoga, eat clean, have a man bun but smoke like chimneys??

We take a small wander & walk through Tigerlily hotel. It’s pretty but a bit shabby.

My plan is to see as much of the north as possible today so we drive north in search of the mangroves. We drive along stopping when ever I wanted to admire the rustic view (sooooo beautiful). We watch boats being unloaded & villas being build but it’s that water I can’t take my eye off!


We drive right to the end along the bumpiest road through beautiful little warungs, road side shops & shabby boat houses. At the end we turned around & headed back to Blue Corner Bar for a rest & rehydrate. Diet Coke for her, young coconut for me!! We stayed a long while here. Such a great spot.


Right time to move we head back into Jungut village & attempt to go back to Sunset Beach. I thought the buggy wouldn’t make it up the hill but it did. Somewhere at the top we took a wrong turn & ended up taking a tour of a pretty boring area of rubbish tips. You should have seen one area – mountains of plastic bottles. A rude shock. I don’t really know the answer to this as at home we refill our proper drink bottles with our filtered water. This needs to be sorted out in places like NL.
Anyway, it took us about 30mins to end up back down at the mangroves road!!! Too funny.

So off we go through town & up the hill again where we see the error in our ways & turn right this time! All very good fun & we smiled & pagi’d everyone. Such freedom!

Right, let’s find Sunset Beach. Ok, we are in Lembongan village, this is right. Then I turn left & head down towards Nusa Ceningan away. Doh! Wrong but it was fun to see the village & gorgeous channel again. There were four little transport trucks absolutely full of Japanese tourists. They just swarmed us as we tried to take some photos. Time to get out of there. So back up we go through Lembongan village & turn left heading back to sunset beach this time on the right track.

We park & go into sandy bay beach club. She wants the sate again she liked it so much yesterday. I order coconut prawns which were OK. Then in we go for a swim before we head back to drop off the buggy to Ketut peanut.


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