Day 3 – We get wheels!


Day 3 – Nusa Lembongan. Part 2


At 12pm Ketut Peanut met us at reception & took us to our wheels for the next 24 hours! A shiny, red golf buggy!! Woohoo!


Off we went around on Sunset Road to The Point for a squiz. Very nice, very nice but the buggy is calling me back to it’s intoxicating fun so we took every right we came across so we didn’t miss a thing!


Next up is Sunset beach & sandy bay beach club. How cute is this whole tiny Noosa? It’s so sweet. We go into sandy bay beach club & have a great lunch of sate chicken & nasi campur. Every bite delicious.


Then we moved to the pool for a delightful swim.

Then we were off again. Zoom… At 15kms per hour.


Next up is a quick stop off at Dream Beach. It’s just so beautiful & quite surprising as you climb the few stairs to find this magnificent view. The waves were far too rough for us but many were enjoying the water.


Then on to Devils Tears for a selfie fest. So many people waiting for the burst of water with tears in the back ground. Still it’s so pretty.

On the other side is the blow hole & I watch with clenched teeth as this guy stands far too close to the edge for the perfect selfie! It’s all very beautiful & rustic & wild. Still the buggy calls…

He head through Nusa Lembongan village – how gorgeous! It’s tiny but so pretty. There’s a big ceremony on. Scooters block the whole street & we can hear the roosters… Clops & I have a little chat about what’s it’s all about. Silence afterwards…

On we go. The little trucks fly along the roads here & our buggy doesn’t have a horn so my gorgeous one starts yelling out beep as we go approach the corners (bless her heart!). But that being said at each meeting with a truck coming the other way they slow right down & smile at us. We must look very funny!


Around we go to the suspension bridge but stop off about 400 times to take photos of the beautiful channel between Lembongan & Ceningan (pronounced with a ch sound just like Canggu, Candidasa & campur). When we get to the bridge it’s all eyes of the “rich, foreign, females”. This is work man’s land. I notice they are unloading construction materials from small boats onto the back of some tiny trucks. Feeling out of place we dont attempt to walk across… Or maybe it was because clops’ feet are hurting from her shoes & all the walking so far (eye roll!). So off we head, back in the same direction, trying to retrace our steps to get back to the back part of the hotel so our buggy can be charged. We took a wrong turn so ended up having a bit of an adventure but were helped by a lovely man who we flagged down.
Back to hotel for a long swim. It’s like a bath but heaps cooler than not being in the pool!


Suddenly this tiny face pops up from the infinity edge of the pool. It’s this tiny little local girl in undies & a life jacket. She’s a chatty little thing & spends lots of time bossing Claudia around in Indonesian. No parent around & she was only probably 3 years old! So as I’m a very nosy person I asked the resort staff. Apparently her Mum & Dad live & work in Denpasar so this little girl is being raised by her Grandad! Makes perfect sense why she is so independent & adventurous!

We return to the room for a relax before we went back down to the beach for a gorgeous dinner of sate ayam & chips at Mola Mola House! Oh & I had a Bintang. Zzz


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