Day 3 – Checking out the neighbourhood.


Day 3 – Nusa Lembongan. Part 1

We desperately wanted a sleep in this morning so up at 5am it is! Lol.


We dressed & wandered out into the dawn by about 6am. This morning we are on a mission to walk to The Deck via tamarind bay… Lol! So as per usual we just walked the way we thought we should! I wouldn’t say it was a fail but certainly it wasn’t a huge success. It’s not a hugely pretty walk, lots of rubbish & very poor looking homes but it was interesting to see. We walked to tamarind bay for a look. Nice enough but not in the same league as MB. Back inland we go. Whinge, whinge, I’m hungry, my feet hurt, why are we doing this, etc, etc. fun times. Finally we get back to the main road & to that view of Jungut I was after. It’s so pretty as the morning light catches the wood fire smoke hanging above the township. We walk down a steep, long set of stairs smiling to the men working to build a new villa.

We wander through a back gang neighbourhood & to the beach. Pretty!

Then we wander along south to The Deck. So beautiful. We take so many photos. Have a nice chat about transport & snorkelling with a happy man who’s trying to sell us his services. He knows we aren’t going to buy but we chat through anyway.

We are the first to arrive at The Deck so service is quick. Coffee, juice & milk shake. Coffee is great. So is the juice & milkshake. I had potato rosti with avo, toms & eggs – yum. Princess has bacon & rosti. We stay & take photos, FaceTime Daddy. It’s so gorgeous. It’s very expensive at almost 300k.

We say bye & walk through the Batu Karang for a look. Ooooohhhh so fancy! We walk up the driveway but manage to grab a buggy ride. Well maybe it’s more of an escort off the premises kind of deal. Lol, oh well.

The whinging returned so I flagged down a little truck & asked for a ride. Yes, he said, where are you going? MB, no probs. so off we zoomed.
Luckily we were wearing our swimmers so could fall effortlessly into the pool where we have been for 2 hours now!



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