Day 2 – Lembongan Love

DSCN4246Day 2 – Sanur to Nusa Lembongan. Part 2


So enough of that. Our porter took us through the back gangs & loaded us onto the back of his little truck & off we went. Up the hill & around to Mushroom bay. The view up top looking down over Batu Jungut is just as fabulous in real life as the photos. And how fascinating are the umbrellas at the graveyard? I want to know more!! (I’ll fill you in on the blog in a couple of days as I did find out the answer).

Our porter parks then takes us to The Sadeg to check in. I can imagine how good this place was when new & how great it could be if it had a bit of money spent on the garden. The stand alone rooms are big & comfy but lack a bit of excitement & luxury. But then again I got a good deal through bookingsdotcom. But there are so many gorgeous hotels here why would you return to the same place twice?

Right, it’s been 12 hours in Bali & she has only had one swim!! So down to the pool we go. It’s really pretty & the water temp is perfection.



We swim a while before our tummies start rumbling. Down to the cute restaurant we go for a club sandwich for her & sate aya(u)m for me. Oh & the first Bintang of the trip!! Food was excellent. So nice sitting there watching that view, chatting with my growing up fast girl. Finished after a long while we head back to the pool for a bit.

We spent an hour in the room. She face timed her friends, I had a nana nap which was delicious!!

At 4.30pm we walk the beach & discover the hole in the rock on the north side of mushroom bay. We seriously wanted to lay down and roll under it but thought better of it. Maybe we will go back tomorrow. I hate having travel regrets.


Instead we climb the stairs of mushroom beach bungalows & oh/ah at the pool & view. We walk through the resort. So pretty & we wish we were staying here! We wander the gangs & head back to the beach for sunset. We go to Hai Tide. A coke for her, a mint julep for me. Soooooo good. We grab some fries & I have a squid salad then FaceTime Daddy. Off we wander home for an early night. I’m looking forward to tomorrow & getting to know this new part of Bali. Zzz


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