Day 2 – Sanur – well hello stranger!


Day 2 – Sanur to Nusa Lembongan. Part 1

I didn’t sleep more than three hours but awoke feeling very excited & ready to truly start the trip. We dressed, then crept out into the dawn light & walked over to the beach. We weren’t alone. So many people out walking & several professional photographers all set up for sunrise. It felt so good to be back in Sanur! It’s been a few trips since we were here last but like your comfiest pair of shoes we slipped straight back into the Sanur stride.

We wandered north talking & taking photos before heading inland in search of breakfast. I want to try bread & basket & they open early so we were the first in. An OK coffee for me, as well as a lovely pineapple juice. Clops had a strawberry smoothie which she loved as well as some toast & bacon. It was nice. Itch scratched.

Back to the hotel for a morning of splashing & mucking around with our new camera. It’s a Nikon AW130 which is a very cool adventure, waterproof camera.

At about 10am we went back to the beach for another drink, this time at the Tangung Sari. I’ve always wanted to stay here but never had the cash to justify it. But the juice was pretty ordinary & 100k, the grounds are beautiful & we really enjoyed wandering through. Next we stopped in to a money changer to load up for Nusa Lembongan.

Back to hotel, check out & grab our Rocky transfer up to north Sanur. They are 100% professional & so easy to use, was an easy & fun exercise. We were taken to the office, paid our fares then were taken to the beach & waited for boarding. Easy!!

So I’m sitting there watching the waves crash in. It’s confusing to me because Sanur doesn’t get surf… Does it? I’ve taken my seasickness tablets & ask the couple next to me if the waves look big to them. They don’t know, they’ve not done this before either.
Ok, it’s time to board. Claudia is picked up & carried to the boat which is being pushed this way & that by the water. She’s on. My turn. Wait they say. We wait until three big waves come in then I’m gently but swiftly pushed into the water & aboard the boat. Fire truck. What have I done to us?

Quickly everyone is helped on board as the boat lurches about. The professionalism of the crew is evident as they show concern & work together to get the boat off the sand. The boat is rocking & jerking all over the place as the 4 huge motors are started. And we are off. At this stage I’m really considering jumping off. The boat is like one of those old fashioned kids tippy toys. The ones that can be pulled parallel to the ground before it springs back & forth until upright again. Seriously the boat almost seemed to roll onto its side. A couple of woman screamed. It was so frightening. My daughter said she was OK as she closed her eyes & went to sleep!! I sat there hanging on for dear life as tears of fear rolled down my cheeks. Yes, it got less scary as time when on & by the time we got close to Lembongan I actually relaxed my grip on the hand rails & smiled as I saw Devils tears as we approached NL.

Dismounting was quick & I never felt so happy to be back on dry land. Yes, it was bad. Yes, I’m contemplating staying here permanently as I truly don’t know how I’ll get us both back on that boat to get back to Bali in three days. Seriously one of the scariest experiences of my life & I felt I’d made a huge parental mistake risking her well being like this… I’ll keep you posted on the return trip.



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