Day 1 – See you Sydney!

Trip Intro

Another trip done & dusted yet I never get tired of Bali or researching Bali or dreaming of Bali! This trip is my 9th, my daughters 7th. Daddy stays at home, again to look after the animals.

We have our first night at Sanur before the next three on Nusa Lembongan. Followed by 4 nights in Canggu, then finally 3.5 nights in Ubud. This trip is a little different as we are meeting a friend of mine & her 10 year old daughter in Canggu where we stay & holiday together from that point on. It was really lovely having this time for both the Mums & the girls. It really added a different vibe to the trip & it’s one I will cherish for ever.

Please enjoy my trip report & as always please let me know if I can assist with any further information at all.


Manda aka Bali Fix


Day 1 – Sydney to Sanur
Finally the day has come. Willi drops us at the airport & we go through all the airport shenanigans as we all know well. The flight was the bumpiest one I’ve ever experienced. Not scary just rattling, constant movement & bumps. I was happy to land.

It’s true: VOA for Aussies is free. Hooray! Through the airport in no time & waiting at luggage carousel. Waiting, waiting & more waiting. Same same as usual! Seriously, it felt like our bag was the last to arrive which was about right.

310516 FB
Finally we grab our bag & head out to meet Alex, our driver & he whisks us off into the humid, incense infused night. Goofy, loved up smile spreads across my face. I’m back!
20 mins later we arrive at The Tamukami Hotel, Sanur. It’s so pretty with it’s charming stone work & fairy light lit garden. I booked the room through bookingsdotcom for about $100. We are checked in & left in our room with gentle yet swift hospitality… Perfect for 1.30am Sydney time. Off we went to non nighs. Zzz.


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