Top 5 – Jimbaran Bay

Bali, the island of a thousand temples – A mystical, traditional land with a unique & beautiful culture & religion – With much to see, do & experience, it is little wonder this tiny island is as popular as it is.

After many happy holidays & extensive research here are my top 5 must do’s areas & travel tips on the Isle of Smiles. #balifixblog

Top 5 – Jimbaran Bay

Jimbaran Bay is just south of the airport on the Bukit Peninsula & is home to many of Bali’s more opulent resorts & spas. Enjoy a five start hotel experience second to none on a stunning cliff top location. Enjoy fancy spa treatments & high end shopping. There are even some surprisingly great hotel restaurant options. But that’s not all the area has to offer… Jimbaran bay itself is lined with actual, feet in the sand, beachside seafood bbq cafes. Have a Bintang (local beer) & enjoy the sunset as you watch the planes come in & out of the nearby international airport. The feast of seafood that’s being charred over coconut husk flame is an experience you will never forget. Many cafes have a traditional dance & instrument performance for all to enjoy. If an early riser the local fish market is an interesting & vibrant affair you’ll remember for a long time. Take your camera.

Top tip: sit on the beach & watch a local community ceremony. The Balinese people are extremely religious, in a beautiful, grounding & humble way. Watching their worship is life changing.

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