Top 5 – Amed

Bali, the island of a thousand temples – A mystical, traditional land with a unique & beautiful culture & religion – With much to see, do & experience, it is little wonder this tiny island is as popular as it is.

After many happy holidays & extensive research here are my top 5 must do’s areas & travel tips on the Isle of Smiles. #balifixblog

Top 5 – Amed

Amed is actually the collective name for the string of tiny beaches on the most easterly coast of Bali. About a 3 hour drive from the airport, through some of the prettiest countryside you’ll ever see, this generally dry & rustic area’s delight for the weary traveller is arriving over cliff tops to clasp your eyes on the amazing blue waters of The Bali Sea. On the beaches there is much going on. Watch the local fishing boats, at first tiny dots of light on the horizon as the dramatic, yet stunning sun rises over water. The boats soon come back to shore with their fresh catch of the day, watch the local chefs come & buy their haul. Take a wander along the black sand beaches collecting shells then hire a mask from a nearby beach seller & take a snorkel directly off the gentle beach. I’m told that Amed has the vibe & charm of ‘old Bali’, a time when you could stay & eat like royalty for very little money & find a calmness inside you that you never knew could be. Drop by, check in & check it out!

Top tip: Hire a local fisherman to take you on a jukung ride (traditional outrigger) to see the beaches from a different perspective. Take your snorkel gear & go off the side of the boat as your guide looks out for you. Enjoy the cruise. Take your seasickness tablets.

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