Top 5 – Petitenget

Bali, the island of a thousand temples – A mystical, traditional land with a unique & beautiful culture & religion – With much to see, do & experience, it is little wonder this tiny island is as popular as it is.

After many happy holidays & extensive research here are my top 5 must do’s areas & travel tips on the Isle of Smiles. #balifixblog


Top 5 – Petitenget

Petitenget is a temple, a beach & a Jalan (road). Jalan Petitenget zig, zags its way across the pretty, village like area just north of vibrant shopping district, Seminyak in the bustling tourist strip of south Bali. This area is a haven for fancy villas & hotels but you will also find some amazing, family run inns that welcome you in like long lost friends. Go & watch the beautiful people at one of the beach front clubs. Almost all have pools & tunes & amazing views of the sun setting over the Indian Ocean. Expect to pay city prices for cocktails but also appreciate their quality & artistry. This area is also known for its restaurants & offers many of the best dining experiences on the island. Service will be sharp, the menus exceptional & the decor beyond your wildest tropical dreams. You will find many cutting edge spas & some really gorgeous, boutique shopping experiences. Although this area is considered expensive for your average traveller, it has its own unique feel & is a really, really great time for young & the young at heart.

Top tip: enjoy a sunset drink & dinner overlooking Petitenget Pantai (beach) at La Lucciola before enjoying a beautiful, charming dinner. Sunday’s are lovely as the local Balinese bring their families to the beach. Enjoy watching the kids play beach soccer.

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