Top 5 – Sanur

Bali, the island of a thousand temples – A mystical, traditional land with a unique & beautiful culture & religion – With much to see, do & experience, it is little wonder this tiny island is as popular as it is.

After many happy holidays & extensive research here are my top 5 must do’s areas & travel tips on the Isle of Smiles. #balifixblog


Top 5 – Sanur

Sanur is a classic tourist town located on the south, easterly coast & has been a high quality holiday destination for generations. Well & truly set up for a beautiful, comfortable & fun vacation, Sanur is a must do for solo’s, couples & families, young & old. With good footpaths & an amazing beach front walking path the entire length of the area, Sanur really is an area you may never want to leave. And many don’t. Sanur has a high population of expats from all around the world, who bring a cosmopolitan feel to a this beautiful, first class quality, resort town. With many beachside hotels & maybe double that in cafes & restaurants this is your fool proof, Bali holiday spot. Hire a push bike from your hotel & ride from one end of the beach to the other, stopping to shop at the markets, have a chat with a beach seller, grab a refreshment or two at any of the numerous beach side cafes & have a massage on a sunlounge as you feel the gentle breeze calm your aches & worries away.

Top tip: try your luck in bartering with a market lady. It’s a real skill, one I have not mastered. It’s a fun game for the Balinese, a way to interact & make friends. General rule is the asking price has been tripled so be good with your maths. Don’t barter unless you wish to buy, these ladies have amazing memories & will recognise you tomorrow! I promise.

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