Top 5 – Ubud

Bali, the island of a thousand temples – A mystical, traditional land with a unique & beautiful culture & religion – With much to see, do & experience, it is little wonder this tiny island is as popular as it is.

After many happy holidays & extensive research here are my top 5 must do’s areas & travel tips on the Isle of Smiles. #balifixblog

Top 5 – Ubud


Ubud is up in the central mountains of Bali & is well known for its artisan community & green, gorgeous countryside. Come for a day trip & you’ll regret it, so come for a week just to be sure. Temples & ceremonies aplenty Ubud really is an interesting place. Wander the jalans (roads) in the town centre or out in the neighbouring areas. Smile at everyone, enjoy the greener than green rice paddy terraces & delight in the beauty of the landscape. Ubud has wonderful food options. Vegan, organic, locally grown – traditional recipes, home cooked, food fired – local delicacies, sate ayam, mie gorengs & bubi guling. All amazing. Try it all. Do a class, cooking or batik (fabric dying) or yoga or traditional dance. Wander through the art galleries & museums. Take a tour of the Royal Palace. Ubud is one enchanting place you must explore.

Top tip: take a leisurely stroll up & along the ridge to Cafe Pomegranate. Watch the rice farmers tend their fields & herd their bebek (ducks). Admire the pretty kitchen gardens & villas grounds along the way. Take hundreds of photos to enjoy once home.

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