Home time…


Day 11 – Tuesday 9/9 – Keramas (post 3/3)
It’s massage time so I head to the boutique & waste a bit of time, buy a cute purse, ring & some coconut scented sunscreen.

I am taken to a dimly lit room with gentle music playing. I have the pleasure of those awesome paper undies which I always seem to put on around the wrong way! Anyway it’s 60 mins of vanilla scented bliss. When it’s over I am lead to the garden & given a cool, ginger drink. I float out of there back to the guest pool for one last swim & lay in the sun. Got a bit burnt silly me!


Just been packing & chilling in my room waiting for check out time. Ordered a yummy chicken Caesar wrap & sat in the cool of my room.

Right check out time. Made is my driver so that’s 3 x Nengah & 2 x Made – all mean 2nd born! Love it.

We have a quick trip down, only an hour. We discuss family, life, cars etc. I bring up that I saw an accident yesterday. Made says, yes he knows about it. One person sadly killed. The trucks breaks failed so it smashed into the bikes waiting at a red light. Sad.

So here I am sitting at the airport, waiting to check in because I’m here 4.5 hours before my flight! Oh well. Looking so forward to seeing my little family very soon.

A quick trip home & im back in the arms of my family!




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