Splash splash – Beach clubs rock!


Day 11 – Tuesday 9/9 – Keramas (post 2/3)


Bali kopi not good, such a shame as I loved all the Bali coffees I’ve had. I grab a juice that looks like a cocktail & some corn fritters. It all tastes like sunshine!

I head back to the room to grab my pool stuff & go back to the beach club for a swim. It’s quiet so far.


Splash splash. That’s enough so I head back through the resort when I hear some chanting/singing coming from the temple just west of here. So I head on out for a walk. So pleased I did. It was just a beautiful, pleasant walk. So much green, beautiful villas, some guys from Komune hanging around so we have a broken English chat. Where are you from? Oh I like Australians. You need transport?


I walk down to the temple & admire from afar. The singing is blaring which I love. A quick walk to the beach then back inland, to the hotel.


I’m back & fourth all day between the two pools. I have lunch at the beach club & watch a fisherman check this nets in the rock pools. I see about 6 women crouched on the pebbly sand so go to investigate. There is a girl there taking photos of her boyfriend surfing so I start chatting to her. We just talk & talk & it’s lovely to just chat. She is from Holland but lives in South Africa but is currently travelling around Bali & Sumatra.



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