Pantai = beach, jalan = walk


Day 11 – Tuesday 9/9 – Keramas (post 1/3)

Up at 6.30am & out for a walk east along the beach. There aren’t many people around except some surfers. A guy about my age asks me if he should go in the surfer right where we were standing. I said that I’m no surfer but up there looks a bit better. But really what would I know? I walk the beach then turn inland at jalan masceti. I’m looking for Barn n Bunk.


I meet a group of four local men who smile & chat with me in English & Indo. It’s so cute. Our convo goes a lot like this: Pantai = beach, jalan = walk, pagi = day. On I walk. Terima kasih šŸ™‚

I find barn n bunk. It’s very cute with a beautiful outlook over the rice paddies to the beach. I take a wander around. It’s very early so I cant get a coffee.


On I walk toward the main road. I wish I hadn’t, it’s very busy & brings back the memories of yesterday’s accident. So I take a jalan sign posted with Keramas beach. It’s a beautiful, quiet walk back to familiar territory. I head back to the beach club for breakfast.


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