Another beautiful day, yet not…

DSCN4089Day 10 – Monday 8/9 – Klungkung markets & Kerta Goa (post 2/3)

Nengah is nice & early so we get going. We head back down & across to Klungkung. He takes me to the traditional markets & shows me around. It’s so nice having him with me. He explains what things are & just keeps me company which I really need at this stage of the trip. Klungkung is his home town too so he knows a few people.

Across the road we head to Kerta Gosa. Nengah came in with me & explained that the first pavilion was all about good & bad karma. The pictures show the things you can do for bad karma. Like what not to do. He said that the king of Klungkung would hold court with the Dutch sitting at the table & chairs in the centre.

We walked out & around to the central pavilion. Nengah told me these are the rules for a good life including ‘what to do on your honeymoon’ then he laughed like a little school boy!


Nengah was pointing out the court across the way when something purple caught my eye… I said come Nengah it looks like a prince & princess. So we head over for a better look. It’s a bride & groom just married!

In the car we go & head down towards the coast. We come to an intersection. Something isn’t right. I can see a man lying on the road, blood everywhere. A big truck smashed into a traffic light post. 2 motor bikes smashed up under & around the truck. A body being carried out all bloody. People on scene looking very worried & upset. A woman is running as she cries. As we come through the lights & around to the other side we see a body who’s no longer with us. The body was terribly messed up & it was just the worst thing I have ever seen. I cried. Nengah had tears. We didn’t know what to say to each other. It was just awful. I feel really rocked to the core seeing this accident. Those poor people. No ambulance. No police. Just innocent people trying to respond & made do the best they can.

We drive on in silence. Slowly we begin to chat again. He is a good man who does his best to make me feel less upset.

PS. Seeing first hand just how different life is for people living in a developing nation was a brand new experience for me. Having never really needed to think about what happens if someone gets sick or injured in this part of the world, I had no idea that an ambulance wouldn’t just be called.

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