Massages & bubi guling


Day 9 – Sunday 7/9 – Sideman Valley (post 2/2)

I’m feeling refreshed so I head up the hill to find a drink, some food & a massage.

I walk up & wander along until I get my breath back. I go to Sawah Indah Villa to book a 1pm massage.


Wander back down the road to Teras Bali Sideman, a gorgeous hotel were I notice they have bubi guling on as a special. In I go! The restaurant overlooks a pretty green jungle one way & their pool another.  I order a small Bintang & wait for my lunch. Yum! The crackling was fantastic as was everything on my plate. I have a quick wander around. Looks like a really lovely place to stay.


Back up the hill for my massage. This property is super gorgeous. The massage hut is right down the bottom of the hotel & is so tranquil with its view & gentle breeze. Lolly is my masseuse. She is tiny but very smilie & with excellent English. So I have 60 mins of THE BEST massage I have ever had. She works fast & her pressure is perfect. In 60 mins she has covered more ground than other massages have. I even get an amazing head & face massage. I drift out of there & stumble home. I have a quick dip then sleep before chillaxing in my room until dinner time. For dinner I walk to the restaurant & order lumpia to be brought to my room. They are delicious, fried nuggets of goodness. I watch a couple of movies before I drift off to non nighs. Zzz




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