Wanderings through the Valley


Day 9 – Sunday 7/9 – Sideman Valley (post 1/2)

I was awoken this morning from my slumber at 7am! I don’t think I have ever slept in this late in Bali ever before! I must be very tired.


I head up the road & walk as far as I feel like before coming back. Took me an hour so not bad. I said hello & smiled, I passed a school with some naughty boys hitting each other & some good girls playing nicely. Agus from my hotel stops to say hello before he zooms off on his scooter, heading to Cepik villa. He greets me by name which is lovely.

I’m starving so straight to breakfast for a Bali coffee, watermelon juice & Nasi goreng. Yum yum. I have a chat to Chris, another guest who’s here with his friend. He told me that he first came to Bali 37 years ago & stayed in Amed, in a shack on the beach for $1 aud! He said it was just paradise. He also said he is totally addicted to coming to Bali. It was so nice to speak with him & hearing his story. They were off white water rafting today.

Back to my room I’m feeling very weary so I have a little nap. Felt very precious & delicious!





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