Sideman Valley – Cepik Villas


Day 8 – Saturday 6/9 – Padang Bai to Sideman (post 2/2)


As we drive down the road we see that there are about 100 motorbikes all parked on the sides of the narrow road. What is going on I ask as I hear chanting. Nengah says ‘cock fight’. Oh, I say.


I am welcomed in to Cepik villa & I sit down & have lunch – soto ayam & a small Bintang. Just then Ketut comes over & introduces himself. We have been emailing each other for the booking & transfers. We have a lovely chat. His son lives in Katoomba, which is in the blue mountains where I grew up. Big smiles all around. Then we start talking about hospitality. Ketut worked at the grand Hyatt Nusa Dua where I have stayed but also I worked at the Hyatt regency Coolum back in my twenties. It was so lovely to have as common ground. Ketut later brings his wife Ayu to say hello. She is also lovely.


Lunch finished I am shown to my room which is perfect. It’s cool & nicely appointed. It’s a proper room with an enclosed bathroom. I’m going to like it here.


I decide to go and have a look at the cock fight – not to go in – but just stand around & at least experience what I could from outside. I didn’t see or hear anything too uncomfortable but the chanting was interesting. Off I wander down the road & into the country side. It’s very peaceful. There is a big fire over the river. I could be wrong but I think this might be a cremation. Hot now I head back to the hotel for a swim & laze on a sun lounge.


I’m so weary now. After all the walking & swimming & travelling I just need an afternoon to potter in my room. So that’s what I do.

I snack & enjoy a Bintang or two on my balcony & listen to the music coming from after the cock fight. It’s so tranquil & lush here in the hotel so I just enjoy taking some photos of the garden & rice paddies below.

Tired I just watch a couple of movies in my room. The bed is a king & very comfy. Zzz



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