Flying monkeys


Day 7 – Friday 5/9 – Flying monkeys (post 3/3)
So my 90 min massage was lovely but only 60 mins! I feel a bit ripped off as I wanted to really chill out. Not sure why but I made sure I was only charged for 60 mins.


I head up to the restaurant for a late lunch of calamari & a margarita. I just rested & watched the other guests.


(not my photo – added for dramatic effect!)

Back to my villa with a couple of Bintangs for a relax. I’m just chilling in the villa enjoying my bevies when I hear an almighty thud, crash, bang – then three crazed monkeys with an apple each come thundering through the open part of the villa. It was like a scene from The Wizard of Oz. I could hardly believe my eyes & it was all over so quickly! Naughty monkeys.

At around 6.30pm I wander up to the restaurant & order a pizza to be brought to my room. Tonight I watch a movie & just relax. Aren’t holidays grand? Zzz




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