Jukungs & snorkelling


Day 7 – Friday 5/9 – Jukungs & snorkelling (post 2/3)

Ok, what to do today??? I book myself in for a ride in a jukung, a traditional fishing boat to go snorkelling! Very brave of me as I don’t really enjoy snorkelling & I am really prone to seasickness so a 2 hour trip should be interesting. I take a seasickness tablet.


(here is a link to some footage on my IG as I can’t work out if I can post vidoe on this blog)


The hotel driver takes me into town & drops me with ketut, Agus’ wife. She helps me with mask, snorkel & flippers. Then Agus reverses the jukung in & I climb aboard! Out we go & I feel like I’m king of the world! The breeze is beautiful & I get a bit of sea spray which is so refreshing. Agus takes me past blue lagoon to Tanjung Jepun. He ties the boat to a buoy.

(here is a link to some footage on my IG as I can’t work out if I can post vidoe on this blog)


He says ‘jump, it very deep’. Oh my goodness why am i doing this again??? Splash! I’m in. It’s freaky & I feel really uncomfortable but I have the go pro with me so I focus on getting some footage that my daughter with like. It really is very pretty, so I relax into it. The coral is quiet colourful & healthy looking but the fish are amazing. I feel more confident & comfortable so I swim further afield. I keep circling the Jukung, but the curled are getting larger as I relax & explore more. I’m enjoying myself & hope the footage I’m taking is ok. I see a reef shark & nearly have a heart attack so swim like a wild thing back to the boat! Agus laughs at me, saying that Bali sharks are friendly. I tell him that Australian sharks eat people!

(here is a link to some footage on my IG as I can’t work out if I can post vidoe on this blog)


I swim around for about 40mins then Agus takes me to blue lagoon. It’s not as pretty here & im pooped so after about 10 mins I climb up into the boat & sit in the sun while the boat bobs gently. It was beautiful just sitting there. I could have stayed there all day. Anyway, time is up so we head back to the port.

I am hungry & thirsty so head to a cafe that looks like it might be a bit of fun. I grab a Bintang & fries because I can & chat in broken English to the girl hosting.

That done I wander the town looking for a money changer. I’m having trouble finding one so ask this tall, tanned & handsome guy (any excuse to talk to a looker!). He walks me around to his money changer & we chat along the way. He is from Switzerland, he is handsome, he loves to dive in Padang Bai, he is handsome, he comes to Bali a lot & he is handsome. 🙂

Money changer is good & professional. The lady I met yesterday told me about how she got ripped off. I couldn’t believe what she was telling me! Knock on wood, I have never visited a dodgy money changer in 8 trips.

I head back up that hill, nearly had another heart attack, had to sit down to get some puff back & slow my breathing so I could make my spa appointment. 2pm, 90 min Bali massage. Just heading off there now 🙂



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